Music Tech

A collection of 27 things that belong to Colin

M-Audio Co3
MIDIman - MIDIsport 2x2
Alesis DM10 X - Mesh Head Conversion
Adam Black - Orion
Yamaha - APX440
Yamaha Nylon -
Sunn Mustang 1987 (ish ?)
Warwick 5 string Thumb Bolt-On
Fender Telecaster '52 Reissue 2008
Taylor Solidbody Custom - 2009
Fender Stratocaster 1976
Way Huge - Green Rhino
Dunlop DC-Brick
ooP - MIDI-Relay Selector
ooP - Bradders Bee-Sting
THD Hot Plate - 8ohm
Brauner - PhantomC
Z-Vex - Super Duper 2in1
Boss - TU-2
Way Huge - Pork Loin
ooP - Zinger
ooP - Crunchy Biscuit
Fender - Hotrod Deluxe
VHT - Special 6
Line6 M13

Multi effects pedal modeler.

Marshall MS-2

Guitar amplifier

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